SETAREH LAHIJ CO. (Mellat Motor Oil) as a manufacturer of various types of engine oils (mono grade & multi grade) , gear oils , hydraulic oils , antifreezes , heat proof greases , greases with calcium and Benton bases , radiator waters , etc . through relying on its main assets, i.e. committed experts and personnel and by implementing long-term strategic plans has been recognized as an active manufacturing pole and exporter both in the domestic market and nationwide as well. Through its hardworking first class managers and experts, this unit has been chosen as the leading and well-known manufacturer and exporter in the country which is a valuable record for the company and an encouragement for the staff to keep on their good work. This company’s manufactured products have the license which allows them to use the National Standard Logo that implies the quality of a product. Also, the company has successfully received the ISO: 9001: 2008 certificate from the British URS Company for all its products, being an indication of considering the quality control in purchasing raw materials, manufacturing and exporting the goods. SETAREH LAHIJ CO. ( Mellat motor oil ) has active agencies all over the country and exports its products to 20 countries. The company’s management always welcomes helpful suggestions and ideas for having an efficient production.


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