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• Radiator Water

This liquid is used for the whole automobile system to be kept cool and prevents from the corrosion of parts and also creating residues. The amount of radiator water to be used is specified according to the relevant table along with that of antifreeze, the percentage of which is specified for different temperatures in all seasons of the year. Mellat radiator water can be used in the cooling system of different sedan and heavy-duty automobiles.

• Mellat oil complement

Mellat oil complement : improver of oil specifications .

• GEM Fuel Complement

GEM Fuel Complement : has the power to clean the fuel supplying system and its chambers (carburetor and injector).

• Mellat two stroick oil
application: Mellat two stroick oil has been provided from the best raw materials and additives. It is suitable for various types of motors and motor boats. Different packages: 1, 4 , 5 , 20 and 208 liter
•Two Stroick Oil Usually , when a high power and lower weight is needed , two-stroik oils are used . Therefore , in boats , outboard motors in ships , motorcycles , jet skis , electric saws , lawn mowers , etc . two-stroik engines are the main motion resources. In such engines , a lubricant is mixed with the fuel to a certain ratio and thus , lubricates different parts of the engine.
pour point max flash point min VI min vis in 40 c vis in 100 c
-19 c 196 c 98  71 cst  8.89 cst


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