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Gear oils

• Lubricants : Simple and Hypoid Gear Oils Lubricants are ordinary gear oils , which include mineral or synthetic high quality base oils with a suitable viscosity , antiscour additives , compressible agents , and antirust , antifriction and antioxidant compounds . One of the valuable characteristics of gear oils is their viscosity and physical properties that should be checked periodically. Generally, a lubricant must have a suitable fluidity (flowing property) so that applying an adequate amount of it to all gear parts would prevent erosion at different temperatures. Gear oils are usually produced in accordance with API GL-1, API GL-4 and API GL-5 quality levels and are supplied in 1 , 4 , 5 , 20 and 208 liter packages. Another property of gear oils is their load capacity which is actually the increase of their potential to prevent or minimize corrosion or scratching. To add this property to gear oils, compressible additives (EP) are used.

Mellat gear oil
Quality level: GL-1 ISIRI 2975 , GL-4 ISIRI 2873 , GL-5 ISIRI 2810 Grade: 90 , 140 , 85W90 , 85W140 appiication: GL-1 gear oil is produced to be used in gearbox systems and vehicles. GL-4 gear oil is to be used in hypoid gears which work under high speed-low torque and low speed-high torque conditions. GL-5 gear oil is used in industrial gear systems , the gearbox and gearbox movments of vehicles. Different packages: 1 , 4 , 5 , 20 and 208 liter *In cases where automatic quality levels are needed, relevant productions are possible.
pour point max flash point min VI min vis in 40 c vis in 100 c  
-19 c 200 c 103 14.54 cst 18.1 cst SAE 90
-15 c 210 c 122 380 cst 32.5 cst  SAE 140


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