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• Mellat antifreeze
Mellat antifreeze , antiboil and antirust consist of additives which prevent freezing , corrosion and rust. For this brand to be used in sedan and heavy-duty vehicles , it is manufactured in accordance with the Iranian National Standard under an application permit and bears the standard sign , being an indication of a product’s best quality . These products have been tested for the corrosion of metals such as zinc, copper , brass , aluminum and cast iron . Also, various types of o-rings and tires are tested for the purity needed for Mellat antifreeze.

• Mellat anti-freeze
Quality level: ISIR 338
Application: Mellat antifreeze, antiboil and antirust have been produced with the best raw materials and additives that have limpid appearance without observable particles and protect the automobile radiator against freezing, corrosion and rust . Different packages: 1 , 4 , 5 , 20 and 208 liter
Mellat anti-freeze  
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Freezing point of solution 25% volume antifreeze in water -12 c (max)
Freezing point of solution 33% volume antifreeze in water -16 c (max)
Freezing point of solution 50% volume antifreeze in water -39 c (max)
Boiling points of pure antifreeze solution 181 c (max)
Boiling points of the solution of 50% volume in water 111 c (min)
PH of the solution 50% volume antifreeze in water 8.5 (min)


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